Saving Big on Your Wedding- Few Tips and Tricks

Saving Big on Your Wedding- Few Tips and Tricks

Just because you are planning your wedding on a rather stringent budget doesn’t necessarily mean it will lack all the luster and pomp you have always dream of. Planning your wedding on a budget is more so siding with your rational front and cutting down the extraneous grandeur that can be done without. Since childhood you have been dreaming of a fairy tale wedding. But as soon as it is time to get the bells ringing, you are prone to be hit by the realization that weddings come with an expensive price tag. This will put you in a state of extreme despondence and demoralization.

Wedding Ceremony

Well, time it is to keep all your worries at bay even if you are going for a budget wedding party planning. This article covers a few solid tips for the budget wedding reception which would still work wonders in making your wedding the fairy tale— just the way you had always desired.

Wedding Planning tip # 1

Wedding venues steal a major portion of your wedding budget, as it has been seen in most cases. So, instead of choosing a luxury wedding in some exotic locations such as the Bahamas, why not get married in your local parish church? You can also go for the beach closest to where you live, or pick your own beautiful garden for that matter. This will not only save you a great deal of money, but also will it save you all the trouble of making the arrangements for each and every one of those who will be attending your wedding.

Wedding Planning tip # 2

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is photography. There are studios and agencies that charge you wads of cash to capture your big day. We don’t recommend asking a friend or a relative with a good camera to take care of the photography. But, you have the option to go for freelance photographers with lesser reputation (preferably and amateur) with whom you are sure to hit a bargain if properly negotiated.

Wedding planning tip # 3

The wedding cake could turn out to be another expensive buy in your wedding list. Instead of instead of spending exuberantly on a big fat wedding cake that costs not less than a fortune, why don’t you go for a smaller, decent sized wedding cake, beautifully decorated to serve as the display centerpiece? You can serve the guests with a homemade sheet cake from your kitchen. The best part? These two cakes can be used as desserts, letting you cut down your expanses on sweets and ice-creams!

Wedding Planning tip # 4

Better borrow than buy. Try to rent or borrow as many things as you possibly can. From the bride’s shoes to jewelry, wedding gowns from the bride’s mother; you can borrow almost everything instead of buying your through the goodies. All you need to do is to add a contemporary and personal touch to these items and bingo! You are almost ready for your bid day without having to break the bank!

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