Dream Wedding for the Couple on a Budget

Dream Wedding for the Couple on a Budget

Well, chances are that you might have just got out of college with little or almost no money at hand and you and your boyfriend decides to tie the knot. Either you can approach your parents for help which won’t be a pleasant thing to do, or you can plan smart and manage to organize your dream wedding without having much to spend. If the later is what you choose, this article is for you.

  1. Dump the DJ

Music is an essential part of your wedding ceremony, and it’s often handled by the DJ. But if cost-cutting is on your mind, you can take care of this segment on your own. Instead of hiring someone to spin for you all night, you can alternatively create an organized playlist on your iPod and hook it up to the speakers. Costs you zilch! Icing to the cake— you wont have to suffer through that Electrical Slide or trace music which at times gets on your nerves.

  1. Separate Needs from Wants

5 instead of 25 bridesmaid suffice, the additional flower on your gown that would charge you $20 more can be done without, those glitzy decors (that would cost you a few hundred dollars) just meant to be used for the decoration of your wedding and would later be thrown away can be avoided and still you would have a wedding you have always dream of. Know your priorities and sort out accordingly. There is no point why you should spend extravagantly on useless stuff that can be dodged.

  1. Invitees List

Your wedding is an intimate and exclusive affair. You don’t really have to invite each and every person who had been there in your life. Invite those who are very close to you. Make the group of attendees small. This way you would be able to save significantly on the food. For those who couldn’t attend or weren’t on the list of invitees, you can treat them a simple BBQ party later.

  1. Borrow and rent

Another way to save more is to borrow or rent the items and arrangements needed for your wedding, rather than buying them up. Try to get your hands on the items you would need- Just do not buy! This will save you a great deal of money.

Dream Wedding

Planning a wedding on a budget restriction doesn’t necessarily need to make your wedding day look cheap. If properly planned, not only does it save you a great deal of money, but also retains the grandeur and elegance that’s associated to an expensive one. A little bit of creativity and effort is all it takes and you can save big to make your honeymoon spicier than what you have in mind.

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