Wedding Locations Ideas Beyond Conventional

Wedding Locations Ideas Beyond Conventional

Marriage is one important function that comes once in a life time. And there is no good enough reason as to why you should compromise on making this special day a grand one. A traditional marriage ceremony takes place in a church, especially when you are totally inclined towards the religious front. However, coming out of the box, marriages now-a-days can be solemnized almost anywhere. You are reading it right- anywhere! With globalization and innovative ideas a wedding can now be carried out in any location of your choice— be it some exotic destination or a place of interest you aspire to visit, thereby giving birth to the concept of destination weddings.

Wedding LocationsSo, here is an article contributed on your interest in providing you an insight on destination weddings. Read on.

  • Wondrous Weddings

Wondrous Wedding locations are comparatively expensive. Have you ever imagined of getting married in the Disneyland, or the Grand Hotel in Florence, or maybe in the Central Park in New York? Sounds like a fun idea? You bet! This type of wedding deals with popular locations as mentioned above (though not restricted to), where you would have to shell out some extra grand, no doubt, but the class and elegance associated here is infallible. One hell of a marriage, as they call it!

  • Beach Wedding

Wedding on a beach is exotic and super-romantic. In fact it can be counted as the most popular one, and can be witnessed in umpteen movies as well, making it the most trending mode of destination wedding. Breaking the traditional spell of marrying in a church, couples now prefer beach weddings more as it is money saving all the while providing the opportunity to party in the open. A nice and secluded part of the beach can be chosen for the occasion after paying a small rental or a permit fee and you have the entire ocean to grace your august function.

  • Monumental Wedding

Next on the list is Monumental wedding which too is a bit on the expensive side as it takes some good money to rent the place you are to be wedded at. This type of wedding involves historical monuments, museums or art galleries, a stadium or a park; anything that has earned some significance down the years, or something that might hold sentimental values to those getting married. To be noted that a wedding as such will hold high significance and remembrance throughout your lifetime.

  • Small & Private Wedding

This is by far the cheapest type of wedding as it doesn’t require you to rent the place because it’s done on a family member’s property, usually in a barn or the backyard. This is the simplest and least expensive type of marriage setting and can be enjoyed no less.

So while making your choice the only thing to be kept in mind is that this is the one day which you along with your loved ones will remember forever. Regardless of the setting, marriage is an event to be celebrated with love and goodwill and make sure you don’t fall short in it.

Happy Wedding!

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