Now Save More on Wedding Locations

Now Save More on Wedding Locations

Implementing cheap wedding ideas don’t need you to forego anything that seems important to you. It is simply adhering to some basic rules that help you cut the cost of your wedding expanses all the while maintaining the same grandeur you have in mind. Let’s tell you how.

Wedding Venue

Choosing the venue for your wedding is the first step to be taken while planning a wedding. If you have noticed, the wedding site takes away a major portion of your financial assets. Now, what if the venue comes for free or for a charge at the minimum at the most? Confused? Read on as we reveal something amazing for you!

  1. Home

Home is where the heart is, they say. So, instead of paying for a wedding venue, a good idea would be to have your wedding at your house. Not only would it let you save big, but also provide all the primness and the relaxed feel, say for instance a BBQ themed wedding. But if a more ceremonial wedding reception is on your mind, you would need to shell out a portion of your budget arranging for the marquees with seats and tables. Not to mention the sanctity of car park spaces that could pose as a threat in case your garden isn’t big enough, or if you have invited too many guests. However, you are still going to save considerably as compared to what you would have paid for a wedding venue.

  1. Do it the non-traditional way

Contemporary wedding venues such as hotels or ballrooms are the prevalent trend, no doubt, but a public garden or a government hall is more economic for that matter if a budget wedding is on your mind. Though you would need to follow certain guidelines and procedures in that case; this can be easily tolerated. Make sure to check weather forecasts before hoisting the reception party in a garden in order to save the party from crashes caused by the weather ruin. A bed and breakfast or an art gallery can also be considered for your wedding ceremony. Try finding newly established venues for the reception as they charge less and offer rebates in order to get a hook of clients.

  1. Escape the Weekend

Charges are likely to be high or even doubled during the weekends, Saturdays to be precise. It is the time of the week when public goes for any kind of ceremony as it is the only day in the week when they have got nothing else to do. And hence he demand. The best way to save on your wedding will be to avoid the Saturdays and sermonize it on any regular day, preferably Fridays and Sundays. Or you can even use the start of school breaks, public and bank holidays when the rates are not skyrocketing.

  1. One location instead of two

Another great way to save on your wedding budget is to choose one location for both wedding ceremony and reception instead of hoisting it in two different places. Not only it proffers convenience to your guests but also goes easier on your wallet as well. There are many locations you would come across that let you take your vows for free provided you book their space for the reception which is out and out a good offer to go for.

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