Wedding Flowers That Go Easy on Your Pocket

Wedding Flowers That Go Easy on Your Pocket

A marriage is rendered incomplete without the floral essence. It won’t feel like a wedding unless the venue has been adorned by a variety of flowers that you choose. But what’s to be taken into account is that wedding flowers come expensive. There are little or no cost-cutting ways that you know of to make your wedding more budget-friendly in terms of floral decors. No worries; this article is focused on helping you save some good amount of money while arranging the floral elegance. Here we go.

Now, the first rule is the universal rule of making your choice very carefully. You won’t want to be messing around with a flower species that will give you and your guests a headache, owing to its strong fragrance. Choose something that’s not only beautiful but also coordinates with your theme and color scheme. It’s your big day, and hence, makes sure that the flower looks adequately romantic and marks an apposite wedding.

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Below is a list of some reasonably priced flowers that not only are perfect for weddings but also help you save big on floral arrangements.

  1. Roses

Rose has been termed as the Quintessential Flower of Romance. Though it’s not the cheapest among the cheap flowers, but roses are a wonderful addition to weddings of any kind. Roses do have a strong smell, no doubt, but the fragrance is gentle to your sense and doesn’t over power. You will have a choice between solids, bi-colored, striped and tipped varieties of roses to pick from. If cost cutting turns out to be your sole motto, then go for popular long stem colors such as red, pink, white, yellow or orange. Also you can make your own bouquets with a little instruction from your local florist. Make sure to use sweetheart roses for your body flowers as they are more elegant and long lasting.

  1. Gerbera

Gerbera daisies are inexpensive. These flowers look cute, sophisticated and are easy to work with. Also Gerberas come in a wide variety of colors to choose from which makes it the ideal flower to blend with almost any color scheme you have chosen for your wedding. Hand-tied bouquets can be presented to the guests in your wedding, while you can carry more elaborate ones with a few gerberas amongst other flowers while the bridesmaid can have gerberas exclusively. Not only this will make a picturesque wedding ceremony but will also help you save your bills.

  1. Carnation

Opposed to the frequently going-on rumors that carnations are cheap undesirable flowers, these flower breed actually smell sweet, are long lasting and quite easy to work with. White and creams are ideal for wedding if carnations are the sole flowers you want to use. Or, if a mix of flowers is on your mind you can use carnations of different colors mixed with daisies and gerberas and make your own hand made bouquets which will turn out to be just what you have in mind.

Cornflowers, camellias, gladioli also are inexpensive and easily available flowers that come in a variety of colors and variants which when combined together makes some quite impressive arrangements. Asters, tulips, lilacs and freesia are also quite popular though their prices vary depending on the season and type of bloom you select.

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