How to Save on Wedding Favors

How to Save on Wedding Favors

Bridal favors are an integral part of a wedding ceremony but with all the money that you have been already spending on more imperative stuff such as the cake, the highly expensive bridal dress and on renting the wedding venue, it won’t seem quite rational to be spending with the same exuberance on wedding favors. It’s not like we are totally discouraging you against handing out wedding favors; it’s undoubtedly and important tradition- an ideal way to express your gratitude for their support and thoughtful wedding gifts it is. However, you can tend to be a bit frugal here in selecting your wedding favors, and save a great deal of money in the process. Let us tell you how.

One way to stick to your budget is to make your own wedding favors. A particularly popular wedding favor that has been eulogized over the years is almonds coated in a thin candy shell. While the stores would charge you as much as $20 per pound, you can make these at the convenience of your home with all the basic equipment that you already have for as low as $3 per pound. Sounds rational? For recipes the internet is the best and handy source that provides you a multitude of choices to opt for. Also, you can consider home made gummy candies and sorts which are easy to make and would delight your guests to a great extent. Candies are loved by both young and old and you can be sure of the fact that your efforts won’t go unappreciated. Get small bottles of wine or other alcoholic beverages for the adults with colorful ribbons ties to the neck of the bottles and you have already taken care of the wedding favors in the most inexpensive way possible!

Wedding Favors

Again, if you tend to shy away from edible favors, here is another classic alternative wedding favor idea that’s sure to bring in appreciation. Perfumed candles- fragrant and elegant; your guests are sure to remember you and your wedding fondly every time they use the candle as their houses are filled with this pleasant aroma. Scented candles that are specifically designed to be handed out as wedding favors can be bought for as low as a dollar apiece, which in every way are a bargain for you and a special treat to your guests. Also, you can go for gender specific options such as customized totes for the ladies and Parker pens for the gents that are not only useful but will be with them as a remembrance for quite some time.

Thus we see, wedding favors need to be as money grabbing as creative it should be. With a little effort and a little know-how you can make some great favors for your big day and get remembered for the years to come.

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