Wedding Store

Wedding Store

So, it’s your wedding finally! And we are inclined to believe that you are here to look for some goodies for the special day. Well, you have landed on the right page; let us congratulate you on this. Before Wedding Jingles Wedding Store, you could only find novelty products overseas... We have taken the toils of going an extra length to import them all for you, just so you can have everything locally in stock! Something to rejoice for, eh?

Now you might wish to know what we have in offer for you. Everything you need is our simple answer. No matter who you are, we take pride in the fact that we are well organized to cater to all your needs. Our product range includes items for hen and stag nights, from flashing badges to fun & sexy costumes (printed T Shirt, caps and bikini’s) - anything and everything to make the wedding and post-wedding more fun that what you could expect. And just so you know, we haven’t forgotten the big day—choose from our range of printed silver groom hip flasks to the ever popular bride and groom branded toilet rolls, which always add a nice fun touch to your reception bathroom!

The next fun part is- most of our bridesmaid and groomsman gifts can be personalized. Yes, you read it right! We print for you the first names or initials of each member in your wedding party. Customizing each gift is now easier than ever; preview online what the gift will look like, and in the event that it fits the bill, we create it for you. Simple enough?

It is not an easy affair to match favors and gifts to the style or theme you have anticipated for your wedding. Our boutiques at the wedding store help you shop by color, or by a particular design, or simply by accessories and decorations that complement both the reason and the season.

And Hey! We are sure you would be quite interested in our honeymoon collection, for instance , our special honeymoon flip flops or our honeymoon decision dice; just to name a couple.And you would also be pleased to know that we stock comical cake toppers, wedding cameras and more. Make sure to check everything out!

Lastly, thank you for visiting Wedding Jingles Wedding Store. We strongly hope that you enjoy browsing through our selection of wedding favors, gifts and accessories, handpicked to make your wedding experience a pure bliss!

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