Wedding Planning Basics

Wedding Planning Basics

It’s your wedding- one of the happiest times of your life. Why spoil the mood worrying over trifle issues such as arrangements and stuff? This is the time of the year when you should be spending more time with your friends and family rather than fussing around with decoration or party arrangements or even honeymoon related issues.

Now the question is who would take all the toils of planning the arrangements if you sit to spend good time with your family? Well, the team at Wedding Jingles is here for your rescue- our wedding planners strive to deliver the simplest yet the most affluent wedding plans that would leave no stones unturned in making your wedding no less than grandeur. We understand the fact that this is a one time ceremony and has to be done in the best possible way, and our experts in the field make sure that you have a wedding that every one remembers.


What we cover?

Here is a checklist that you can follow. Hope we haven’t missed out on anything important to you!


In a nutshell

We at Wedding Jingles plan glamorous, elegant, stylish and fun celebrations for savvy, sophisticated couples who demand quality services within a tight budget. Our wedding planning service is tailored around our clients and we work in whatever way suits you and your way of life- out of hours or long distance as required. Our approach to wedding planning is completely personalized for YOU- we do not offer packages or try to shoe-horn you into an existing service.

At Wedding Jingles, we ensure that you get the best venues and suppliers that reflect the type of celebration you require and within your budget. Once the venue has been chosen, we work our way into attending to other details- from the ceremony and reception design, flowers, music, photography, to your wedding day attire, the cake, wedding rings and even the honeymoon. As we plan your wedding we can work around your schedules and bring prospective suppliers to you. Wherever the location, the team at Wedding Jingles will manage and oversee your celebration to ensure it runs seamlessly.

So, whether you are visiting our site for own marriage celebration, or just taking a look around, we hope a tour inside will prove informative and inspiring. And if you feel we fit in the place of being the ideal budget wedding planners for your celebration, we'd love to hear from you...

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