How to Enjoy Your Honeymoon Without Having to Worry About Money

Honeymoon is a totally individual thing- a couple doesn’t need to follow any set rule but tailor the experience completely to their personality as a pair. A honeymoon could take you anywhere to any destination of your choice with a plethora of things to be done and enjoyed, all the while you spend quality time with your better half with no one else around. But when you are on a tight budget, the list could narrow down to a few. Now, why would you compromise on your something as important as your honeymoon just because you can’t afford to spend wads of cash? Yes, it’s possible- having your dream honeymoon within your budget is no more a dream. Here is how you can make it true.

  1. The Time Span

Time is money, as they say. Consider how long you can take off work. If your leave is a short one, you won’t want to spend the entire day traveling. This leaves you with no choice but to consider flying to your honeymoon destination. Also, consider time zones. There is no way you would want to allow let lag eat into your precious time frame, that too when you are in dire need of it.

  1. To-Do List

Making a to-do list will heap you a great deal in planning your budget. Think of and pen down as many thing that you would want to see and do and then select whichever points seem to be the most important to you. You could choose anything from beaches, adventure, water sports, animals, history, culture and a variety of other activities for sheer fun.

Also you can decide on what kind of honeymoon you would like. For instance, you could choose that precise things you would want to do and make your decision based on the same. Other things to consider are temperature that is ideal for you, if you would prefer nocturnal activities over day ones, if you would like to socialize or spend quite time with your partner, etc. Your travel agent can find the perfect combo for you once you sit to discuss.

  1. Reflect on your Budget

Even though your budget is a huge consideration, however, any country you choose to visit will greet you with an abundance of fun activities to choose from, regardless. Make sure to book your tickets far in advance and look for great off-peak deals.


There are other ways to save money as well. Say for instance, if you plan on spending your honeymoon on the beach, accommodation won’t be at all necessary. You can even consider paying for a posh hotel if needed if they allow all the activities on your list to be enjoyed for free (which many hotels do).

It’s your dream honeymoon and there is no reason as to why you would settle for anything less than special. When budget is in concern, a little planning and effort will help you make it worthwhile. And if budget is not so much of a consideration, sky is the limit. Whatsoever, take some time to plan it through because it is the once-in-a-life-time honeymoon that you've been dreaming about.

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