Care for a Celebrity Wedding?

Care for a Celebrity Wedding?

It takes quite a lot to make a wedding happen- from planning to creativity, even money. While weddings during the yesteryear were limited to the traditional church weddings, we now have the opportunity to choose from a range of wedding styles. While the couple always seems to have an idea of what type of wedding they would want, in certain cases the idea is often inspired by celebrity weddings. Some couples simply emulate the complete celebrity wedding. Others borrow the look of the gown, bridal jewelry, hairstyle, makeup and a wet bit from here and there as well. Anyhow, you too can have a celebrity wedding with a not-so-celebrity budget, and we are here to tell you how.

Celebrity WeddingHere are a few tips and tricks to emulate a celebrity wedding without having to spend lavishly. Read on.

  1. Okay, the first step is easy. All you need to do is to browse magazines for Hollywood weddings, and go for the one that inspires you the most. Choosing the look that fits you and your personal style is all that needed to be done. The diamond bridal jewelry and other accessories can easily be replaced by something like Swarovski crystals, without burning holes in your pocket. To be noted that while celebrities spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, your resources will be limited to somewhere around $30k; this is the aggregate wedding expenditure for an average couple.
  2. Now that the jewelry has been selected, next is the time to go shopping! Yes, something we know you do the best. Designer gowns are pretty expensive? Well, there are knock off that totally imitate the one you had always desired. And thankfully, there is no dearth of shops that sell facsimiles. Just make sure you have a picture of that gown while you go shopping. The store clerk will be able to help you find your choice. You can also check our wedding store to order some cheap wedding dresses or accessories.
  3. Well, now that a great deal has been sorted out for yourself, time it is to think about the bridesmaid. Why? Simply because in a celebrity motivated wedding, everyone wants and loves to feel like a star. If you have noticed, there always are celebrities standing up in a celebrity couple’s wedding. This implies to the fact that your attendants should have designer inspired apparels, as well. Don’t you think your bridesmaid deserves and would love to be celebrity inspired for a day?

Phew! Everything fixed, time to focus on the decoration and catering- the floral accents, the music, the lights, the cake and the dinner party etc. The best way to convey your idea to those who are responsible is to use a picture. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Also, you may even seek the help of wedding planners who are experts in their field and are perfectly capable of accommodating a celebrity-style wedding especially when you are on a tighter budget. The best part? You will be walking down the red carpet (aisle) even before you know it!

Cheapest Wedding is where you will find some amazing tips to make your wedding a more budget friendly one. For the bride-to-be, we provide you with informative articles that will help you chalk out your dream wedding without having to shell out big bucks. You can also browse our wedding blog for tips and ideas to make your dream wedding come true.

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