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Save Big on Wedding Music

Music is a quintessential need for any type of wedding. A wedding ceremony is rendered incomplete without what music has to offer. The traditional bridal music has been on the rounds since antiquity, making marriage a ceremony to rejoice as it is supposed to be. However, time it is to come out of the box…
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The Budget Wedding Rings for a Modest Wedding

A modest set of wedding rings come for over three thousand dollars which by the general rule of thumb many people follow is a month’s salary for the most of us here. And if by any chance you wish to go for something exclusive, be ready to shell out another two grands at the least.…
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Pricey Wedding Dresses are Not That Pricey After All

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. There is no reason as to why would compromise for something that makes you feel less special- least of all your budget. You only get married once in a lifetime, and the wedding dress covers an integral part of this ceremony as it has got…
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Care for a Celebrity Wedding?

It takes quite a lot to make a wedding happen- from planning to creativity, even money. While weddings during the yesteryear were limited to the traditional church weddings, we now have the opportunity to choose from a range of wedding styles. While the couple always seems to have an idea of what type of wedding…
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Cheap Wedding Photographers- Why You Need Them?

Chances are that you are getting married and for obvious reasons, raking your brains over whether or not to hire a professional wedding photographer. Well, we completely understand the fact that your cousin recently bought the latest DSLR and sure as hell there is going to be some amazing photos to look forward to. Now,…
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Wedding Locations Ideas Beyond Conventional

Marriage is one important function that comes once in a life time. And there is no good enough reason as to why you should compromise on making this special day a grand one. A traditional marriage ceremony takes place in a church, especially when you are totally inclined towards the religious front. However, coming out…
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The Initial Checklist for a Budget Wedding Party

The wedding party is as vital as the wedding ceremony itself and there is no reason as to why you would tend to get lazy on this one. Since the time you were a little girl you have been dreaming about your marriage and time it is now to make your dream come true. But…
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Bridal Party Attire for the Budget Couple

Choosing the bridal party attire is yet another herculean task that you would be coming across while planning your wedding. As a bride-to-be, you would need to consider every aspect while making your choice including color and type of fabric for the bridesmaid, as well as the flower girl if you intend to have one.…
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Saving on Wedding Photography

Your wedding is the most wonderful and magical day of your life. There are a lot of elements that go hand in hand to make your big day unique and special, and you would most certainly want to capture those moments to cherish them at a later date. Looking back on the day by searching…
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Saving Big on Your Wedding- Few Tips and Tricks

Just because you are planning your wedding on a rather stringent budget doesn’t necessarily mean it will lack all the luster and pomp you have always dream of. Planning your wedding on a budget is more so siding with your rational front and cutting down the extraneous grandeur that can be done without. Since childhood…
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